Saturday, 13 July 2013

YRNails Full Wrap Water Decals - Funky Mishmash

Phew!  It's a scorcher of a day today, sun is out and I'm wearing my Funky Mishmash full wrap water decals from YRNails.  And funky mishmash is a real cool name for these wraps because they are funky and a mishmash of colourful patterns like a really jazzy patchwork! To the pics....
 Aren't these just the most cheerful wraps you've ever seen!
 Love 'em!
If you've not tried water decals before and always wanted to have a go, click here for a mini tutorial on how to apply them.

These Funky Mishmash Full Wrap Water Decals are currently on special offer at £0.75 !!!  Yep that's right £0.75, where else can you get a fabulous, colourful, jazzy, funky mani for less than a pound!  Head over to YRNails quick before they go!

Here's a bit more info about purchasing from YRNails, shipping rates are fixed which makes them really easy to understand.

UNDER £10 order - £1.50 fee applies - 1st class
OVER £10 order - Free 1st class postage
INTERNATIONAL shipping included in the above rates, no extra costs to our friends from overseas !

There is no minimum order amount at "". It doesn't matter whether you need just one pack of artificial nails or nail art stickers; you buy only what you need.  YRNails has different types of nail art goodies from water decals & full wrap water decals, caviar beads, velvet nails. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & You Tube.

Like YRNails on Facebook and get 15% off your purchase and their fans receive exclusive discounts and offers ongoing!!! Woohooo - what are you waiting for!

This product was sent to me for my honest review, brilliant water decal wraps, fantastic designs and extremely good value for money, highly recommended!


  1. Love the colourful wraps, very Summer time and 75p!!! Thats brilliant, what a bargain. I need me some of them :)
    Jade x

  2. I bought nail decals from them, the quality isn't good at all compared to decals from bornprettystore.

    1. I've used decals from both and get on fine with both of them.

  3. What I like about these ones is that they are a lot more complicated than you could do yourself. Nail strips which are just a plain colour seem to defeat the object to me.