Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Nail Rock Moon Silver Nail Polish & Caviar Beads

Hi Guys!  Today I'm sporting a rather splendid mani courtesy of Nail Rock, a cosmic caviar bead & polish set.  This set is named 'Moon' and inside the pack you get a 10ml bottle of nail polish, a very generous pot of caviar beads & instructions.    The polish is called Moon Silver and is silver chrome.  The caviar beads are a mix of silver and what I can make out with the naked eye is an iridescent clear bead picking up the colours around it and from your nail.   To the pics.........
Below is the pot of caviar beads which are silver & clear but as you can see from the above pics the clear beads pick up colours around them and bounced off the silver polish too.
Now hold onto your hats and put on your sunnies cos this is how my camera phone with flash produced photos, this isn't what the mani looked like in real life but I love the way the pics turned out!
If you've not used caviar beads it's really simple, paint your nails and while the polish is still wet dip into the pot of beads, tidy up and you're done.  You can apply top coat if you wish.

The caviar bead & polish sets are available online at Beauty Rock London and cost £6.99, extremely good value as you get a 10ml bottle of gorgeous good quality polish and a generous tub of caviar beads that you could share with friends.

The set is available in other colour formats, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter, and also available in stores (check out their website for info). Check out my review for Pluto.

Also available at Rock Beauty London  are Nail Wraps, caviar beads, eye & body tattoos, metallic lip foils, patriotic body wear and so much more!!  And they ship INTERNATIONALLY!!

Check out Nail Rock onlineFacebook & Twitter.

This product was sent to me for my honest review, exceptional value for money, the nail polish is good quality and the caviar beads are unique & fun.  And I want (need!) all the caviar sets from Nail Rock!

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