Thursday, 4 July 2013

OPI DS Amethyst

I got this beauty off Ebay a while ago but have never tried it out.  It's a used bottle of OPI DS Amethyst from their Designer range.  The seller didn't list the name and I just took a chance and bought it as I knew the designer range had silver caps.  I got a bargain and a result!!  Lovely lovely holoness!!  Stunning polish!  To the pics.......
 Above: using flash with my phone, gorgeous lilac amethyst!
 OPI DS Amethyst, an oldie but a goodie!

 Outside camera shots in the sun (it wasn't a particularly sunny day!)
You can't beat a holo on a sunny day, mesmerizing & addictive!

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  1. Really pretty, amethyst is my birthstone so this has to go on my wishlist ;)