Thursday, 11 July 2013

Millennium Nails Pink Caviar Manicure

I have a gorgeous Pink Caviar Manicure set to show you from Millennium Nails.  The kit contains a soft raspberry pink frosted polish (15ml) teamed with pink metallic caviar beads, funnel & tray. Please don't think that Caviar manis are difficult, they are extremely easy!  There are two methods, either dip your wet nail into a pile of beads or sprinkle the beads onto your wet nail.  Personally I find it easier to dip into a pile, so I poured the beads from the bottle into the tray and then dipped in.  Leave a few mins to set and brush off the excess beads with a brush.  You choose weather to top coat or not, I didn't and lost a few excess beads but the rest were completely stuck onto the nail polish.  Pretty easy to remove too, gently scrape off or use nail polish remover.  To the pics......

 Above, the soft raspberry nail polish
Below, with the pink metallic caviar beads
The funnel and tray makes it really easy to apply & clean up, although you will still be finding the odd caviar bead here & there for a few days!
This set is available from Millennium Nails and is also available in Red, Gold & Silver.  The polish is a very generous 15ml and you don't have to wear it with the caviar beads, it's gorgeous on its own. 

Here's some info on Millennium Nails (UK based)
"With over 15 years professional Salon background and working with our customers, we have been able to identify their needs and that of their clients and have responded by manufacturing top quality products at what we believe to be the most competitive and realistic prices available. 
We strive to provide you with new and innovative products, which are at the forefront of new trends within the industry. 
The company offers over 900 products in the Millennium range for Professional Salons, Retails Outlets, Nail Technicians and the consumer. 
Distribution has grown to over 40 countries throughout Europe and beyond, offering the full product range with professional training. 
The company's head office and warehouse are based in Gateshead (UK) and all of our products are UK based ready for distribution worldwide"

Head on over to the Millennium Nails website for a huge range of nail & beauty products and you can keep up to date with them on Facebook & Twitter.

This product was sent to me for my honest review.  This is the most expensive brand of caviar beads I have used at £19.99 for the set, but if money is no object and you are in love with the colour then go for it, you won't be disappointed!

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