Monday, 29 July 2013

Nail Rock Medley Nail Wraps

Hello there! I've been sent by the lovely people at Rock Beauty London these funky stripy nail wraps called Medly. The set contains 16 wraps in various sizes, instructions, mini nail file, orange stick and acetone wipe. Very easy to use, unpeel, anchor to the base of your nail, stretch over the rest of your nail, press down, file down and you're done!
I love that you get a mini nail file and orange stick in each pack, I'm forever loosing my orange sticks, so big thumbs up for the extras!

The Medly nails wraps are available online at Beauty Rock London and costs £6.65, check out their other huge range of nail wraps, including their Outlet Store.

Also available at Beauty Rock London are caviar beads, eye & body tattoos, metallic lip foils, patriotic body wear and so much more!! And they ship INTERNATIONALLY!!

Check out Nail Rock onlineFacebook & Twitter.

This product was sent to me for my honest review, I'm feeling very hip and far out man!  

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