Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Born Pretty Store Bowknot Lace Easy Fast Glitter Nail Art Sticker

I've received from The Born Pretty Store a fabulous pack of 3D Bowknot Lace Easy Fast Glitter Nail Art Stickers .  The pack includes bows & lace and bows on their own.  The bows & lace remind me of cute little frilly garters!  Oooo laa laa!!  Easy peasy to use, peel off and stick onto your nails, then topcoat.  Done!  All you have to decide is which way round you want them to be placed on your nail.  Onto the pics......

These are a real bargain at $5.23 / £3.45 / €3.98 for a pack of 10, so why not treat yourself to some and share the rest as little gifts/stocking fillers, you can also buy them singularly for $1.03 / £0.68 / €0.78 and use my discount code below you will get a further 10% off! And FREE international shipping! Just think how fabulous your nails will look!

The Born Pretty Store has lots of great nail decoration items and well as cosmetics, beauty, hair care and lots lots more!

This item was sent to me for my honest review, and I can honestly say they are marvellous!  

Now, I hope I still have your attention.  Born Pretty sent me 5 packs of these wonderful nails stickers.  Daisy at Born Pretty has agreed that I can give away 2 packs, therefore a prize for 2 lucky people.  I've not advertised my giveaway in the title as I'm interested to see who actually reads all of the post!  Open Internationally.  Good Luck.  Onto the Giveaway.......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Money Smart Nail Art - Glamourous manis without the price tag!

MoneySupermarket are running a competition on how to create great looking nails and saving you money at the same time.  We all want great looking nails right?  But we don't always want to pay for an expensive manicure, so why not have a go at creating your own designs in the comfort of your own home, for hardly any cost at all and have loads of fun at the same time!

Here are a few of my designs from previous blog posts, as you can see they are easy peasy!!

First up, good old sellotape!  Paint your base colour, apply two pieces of sellotape with the corners of each square thouching in the middle, apply your top colour (I used glitter as I love sparkle!) peel off the sellotape while the top coat polish is still wet and there you go!

Or how about raiding your (mum's!) craft box.  I wanted to do a tape mani but didn't want to buy the tape, so I found some brilliant wavey patterned tapes in my mum's craft box.  This is the tape I used on my middle finger below

I used 4 different types of patterned tape, simply paint a base colour, I used a bright barbie pink, once dry I placed the tape on my nail and painted a top coat of black with pink glitter, remove the tape and you see the original colour underneath - bingo!

If you have any of those round hole punch stickers, they look like polo sweets, you can create this fab design.  I used yellow as my base colour, applied the (polo) sticker to my nail, painted above the sticker in one type of glitter and below the sticker (where the hole in the middle is) a different colour.  Again, so easy yet such a fab design!  Looks like you've spent ages doing this but only you know how quick it is!

Dotting tools are great ways to make stunning manis but you don't need to buy specific dotting tools, you have loads of things around the house you could use, a cocktail stick or BBQ skewer (wooden one of course!), an old ball point pen that doesn't work anymore, an orange stick, end of a sewing pin, anything pointy will do, here's my dotted mani.

And don't forget to oil those cuticles, again you don't need to go out and buy expensive nail oils, Olive Oil from the kitchen cupboard will work just as well, just remember to apply day & night.

I hope this gives you a few hints and tips for some great manis that didn't cost me anything at all, all you need is your imagination, and have loads of fun creating your very own personal designs.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Born Pretty Store Bownot Shaped Rhinestone Nail Stickers

The Born Pretty Store has sent me gorgeous nail embellishments to review.  You get 10 cute bows with rhinestones in the middle which you glue onto your nails.  The Bownot Shaped Rhinestone Nail Stickers come in 12 colours.  The bows can be glued anywhere on the nail, I glued mine at the base of the nail for a bow tie mani.  And they are re-useable!!  Hooruh!! Onto the pics......

Also available in these colours......

10 pcs Bowknot Shaped Rhinestone 3D Nail Stickers -12 colors

These are a real bargain at $2.38 / £1.55 / €1.82 and use my discount code below you will get a further 10% off! And FREE international shipping! Just think how fabulous your nails will look!

The Born Pretty Store has lots of great nail decoration items and well as cosmetics, beauty, hair care and lots lots more!

This item was sent to me for my honest review, and I've received tons of wonderful comments on my mani using the Born Pretty Store Bownot Shaped Rhinestone Nail Stickers.  I am delighted to have reviewed them, they are great fun & very cute!

Friday, 22 February 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Minis

I've just got this set from Buyapowa, it cost me less than a tenner including postage.  All four colours are gorgeous, a big thumbs up to OPI for this set.  With top coat they are super sparkly, my photos don't do them justice but take my word for it - gorgeous!  My fave is Get Your Number, mainly because I love this colour and I think is the sparkliest of them all.  To the pics.....

Without & With Topcoat

Without topcoat above, with topcoat below

  Get Your Number
 Can't Let Go
 The Impossible
 Stay The Night
 And here's the full set

If you like your sparkles I highly recommend this set, and if you see it as a bargain on Buyapowa go for it!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OPI Let Me Entertain You

Just a quickie, my swatch of OPI Let Me Entertain You, a gorgeous pinky red with lots of sparkle!

And here's my little girl Blitz showing off her paw (without polish!!)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Bless Your Heart

I recently won a flash giveaway on Lacquerhead's facebook page.  I won a gorgeous polish called Bless Your Heart and a cuticle oil in fragrance Bird of Paradise.  Both are gorgeous!  Too the pics....

I also purchased Confetti Cake from Lacquerhead Polish which I'll review separately.  Lacquerhead's Polishes are available at Etsy, take a look, Alischia has some wonderful polishes!

Laid Back 31DC - Pink

The 31 day challenge hosted by the lovely Debbie The Crumpet is being re-run with a laid back approach, 2 manis a week instead of daily.

Day 4 - Pink

Spring is a coming and I'm in the mood for pastels.  Here is Wet N Wild Tickled Pink, a lovely icy pink.  Blinged up with some fab nail stickers from Born Pretty, see my post on these lovely flower gems and how you can get hold of them.

Other Tarts participating in this challenge......

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nails Inc Baker's Row

Don't you just love a swap?  I received Nails Inc Baker's Row this week from a Facebook Swap page, I swapped two Nails Inc mini Kensington Caviar Top coats for this beauty!  I LOVE IT and is probably one of my all time faves, to the pics.......

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Polish Days - Get Back To Nature

Hello polish lovelies!  The theme for February's Polish Day Theme hosted by Polly Polish is Get Back To Nature.  For me it was a toss up between a landscape or flora & fauna.  I knew I wanted to do a water decal and although I found some cracking landscapes my nails aren't very long and I think the landscape across my nails would look better if they were longer.  I love plants & animals so I came across an image of butterflies and thought it would be more forgiving as I didn't have to match up skylines etc. turned out OK, not as well as I'd have liked, the image was too dark and the best nail is my middle nail because the image is lighter.

Anyhoo, here's my effort, I think I'll stick to small water decals in future rather than covering the whole long did it last.....half a day, I'm a picker!

So this is the image I used, the butterflies are so vibrant!
 I printed it onto special water decal paper
Cut out some nail shapes
 Et Voila!
 As you can see the middle finger looks best as it has the lightest butterfly

And here are the other lovelies involved with this challenge.......