Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nail Polish Racks

Want to share with you my new home made nail polish racks!!  Made for me by my brother in law for Christmas, best pressie ever!!  They are made from MDF and are 60cm square, cost about £25 in materials to make both of them, thank heavens I have a crafty brother in law to make them!  I love love love them!

Dilemma!  What do I do with the left overs?  Should I box them up by colour or brand?

And here are my real babies....


  1. These are great! I need to make my hubs build one for me! :)

  2. Wow, they're brill, lucky you to have such a talented BiL. I love the babies as well, so cute!

  3. Oh wow! Love your storage! And the moggies :)

  4. They look great! Love the cats too :-)

    If I ever got anything like that, my cats would either wreck it, pull it down or play with the polishes! Wee blighters <3 :-)

  5. love the cat photos, and those do look great.. I think I should have my dad build me some shelves.