Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Stamping Fail

My Christmas mani of Cutex Red She Said base with white snowflakes (Bundle Monster Plate 323) was going so well.....until I put the top coat on and it dragged the stamped image across my nails.  Looks OK from a distance but with close up shots it looks pretty awful.  I conferred with fellow stampers and received great tips on applying the top coat, ie apply good dollop of top coat, make sure the brush doesn't touch the nail, don't drag the topcoat with the brush, wait a long while for the stamping polish to dry.  Practice will make perfect, just a shame I ruined it quicker than the time it took to do it.  To the pics......

Wet n Wild Sparked Glitter Polish

So I thought I'd have another go with glitter polish using a glue base.  I have a bottle of the white glue from a Rio Nail Art kit and used two coats after the base coat and before applying the glitter polish.  My mani lasted well albeit a bit of tip wear and had to touch it up, and because of using the glue I kept feeling my nails to see if the glitter polish would fall/peel off, it was so tempting just to pick it off.  It lasted 4 or so days and I eventually removed it as I got bored with it and yes it came off really easy, well easier than if I hadn't used the glue base.

So onto the polish & pics, I have for you today Wet n Wild Sparked, which I got from Las Vegas on holiday 2 years ago, for a couple of dollars, I wish we had such super cool polishes in the UK that were as good value.  And I'll deffo wear more glitter polish now I've sussed out the glue base.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Polish Days - December Theme - Bring On The Bling - Barry M Ruby Glitter

Hi everyone!  The theme for Polly Polish's 7th Polish Day is 'Bring On The Bling' so that meant I just had to use my latest glitter top coat, Barry M Ruby Glitter, layered over Color Club Nomadic Nude, to the pics .....

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Monday, 3 December 2012

31 Day Nail Art - Blue Nails

I'm a member of the Facebook Group British Nail Bloggers and Diva of The Teenage Shopaholic has organised for us (and anyone who wants to join) the infamous 31 Day Nail Art challenge which we are doing on a weekly basis rather than daily.

Day 4 - Blue Nails.  Yippee, I've been waiting to use my circular magnet again, and now I can - woop woo!  I've blogged about this polish before, see here, it's such a pretty colour pre-magnet. I love magnetics, it still amazes me every time!  To the pics.....

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