Monday, 24 December 2012

Wet n Wild Sparked Glitter Polish

So I thought I'd have another go with glitter polish using a glue base.  I have a bottle of the white glue from a Rio Nail Art kit and used two coats after the base coat and before applying the glitter polish.  My mani lasted well albeit a bit of tip wear and had to touch it up, and because of using the glue I kept feeling my nails to see if the glitter polish would fall/peel off, it was so tempting just to pick it off.  It lasted 4 or so days and I eventually removed it as I got bored with it and yes it came off really easy, well easier than if I hadn't used the glue base.

So onto the polish & pics, I have for you today Wet n Wild Sparked, which I got from Las Vegas on holiday 2 years ago, for a couple of dollars, I wish we had such super cool polishes in the UK that were as good value.  And I'll deffo wear more glitter polish now I've sussed out the glue base.

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  1. Love this nail color. It looks so girly and classy. Love the glitters too.