Sunday, 1 February 2015

No Dip Pink Water Marbling

I love the water marble effect and watch the YouTube clips over and over again.  From the build up of the bullseye, the designs, colours, you name it I'm mesmerised by it.  But I can't seem to get on with it.  If I can eventually make the nail polishes spread in water I either mess up the design or find the dipping of your nails onto the marble design a disaster.  And then you've got the whole taping up of your nails and the clean up afterwards.  So while watching oodles of YouTube clips and getting tips from fellow nail bloggers I've come across the technique of letting the water marble dry in the water, then lifting the dried marbled polish out, laying on a sheet of plastic, cutting and sticking.  I'll try to explain better with the use of photos.
Build up your bulls eye and create your design and leave to dry for approx 30 mins
Detach any parts of the marble stuck to the side of the cup, then lift out with tweezers and  place on a sheet of plastic to dry and keep flat.  I had a magazine delivered by post which came in a plastic sleeve and that's what I used for my plastic sheet
Once dried out you can pick up the marbled polish with your fingers and cut out the sections you want to add to your nails.  The good thing with this method is you can eye up where you want the design to go on your nail and there's less wastage.  I used this one piece of marble for a whole hand.
Paint your nails with your desired base colour, I used the mid pink colour and allowed to dry.  Then add your top coat and allow to go tacky before adding the marble, clean up and add another top coat.
I'm really thrilled with my results using this method for the first time. I would never have got this with dipping my fingers into the marble on water.  This is deffo the way forward for me with water marbling.  In fact I've made 2 more marble desigs which are currently drying and can't wait to get them on!
These are the polishes I used, La Femme, Beauty UK & Nella Milano.


  1. Amazing, love these colours together x

  2. Great tutorial and nails Wendy. X

  3. Wendy have made 2 and forgot about them. They went hard and crumbled! But must do it again.

  4. I love this! I've never been able to do the whole water marble thing either! Can't wait to try this out!!

  5. Brilliant and turned out perfect, I will definitely try this, not only less mess and waste but perfect looking!!!

  6. So my question is.. you place the plastic on your nail polish side down correct?? Then you just remove the plastic?

    1. The plastic sheet is only used for laying the water marble on when you've taken it out of the water to allow it to dry without sticking. I usually flip the water marble a couple of time to stop it from sticking to the plastic sheet. When you're ready to apply the water marble to your nail take the whole water marble off the plastic sheet and cut into squares slightly larger than your nail. Paint your nails and while they are semi wet press the decal onto your nail, the decal will attach to the semi wet polish. Then tidy up the edges with nail polish remover and a brush.