Monday, 2 February 2015

Manicure Clean Up - Alternative to Liquid Palisade

Cleaning up after your mani, especially when stamping, sponging or water marbling can be an epic task especially if the polish stains your cuticles.  I've seen the product Liquid Palisade which is readily accessible in the US but not so much the UK and in my opinion a bit pricey, but I picked up a really good tip from a lady on a Facebook nail page as an alternative using hair glue.  So I looked on Ebay, found hair bonding glue for under £1.50 for a 30ml bottle and thought if it doesn't work I haven't really lost anything.  Well I'm so glad I did, it works in the same way as liquid palisade (not that I've actually tried it, only going on what I've seen), except you have to supply your own brush.  It's easy, quick and can mean virtually no clean up at all - wooohoo.  So impressed I've made a little YouTube vid and step by step photo demo below.  It works for me and I'm happy with the results, plenty more stamping & sponging fun to be had without the faff of cleaning up and using less nail polish remover and cotton wool pads.
To the pics & vid!
I bought this hair bonding glue from Ebay here
I squeezed out a small blob onto a sheet of paper and using a fine brush painted around my nail & cuticle and allowed to dry for 5-10 minutes
Added my stamping
 And then immediately peeled off the glue with tweezers
No further clean up was required
I'd like to thank the nail lady who shared her idea on Facebook.


  1. Well that's neat, I never would've thought to try that! I did buy some liquid latex from (us), in purple. I haven't unsealed it yet...I am waiting on a stamper to come, and I've also paid for a couple empty bottles from ebay so I can put it in a big 2.65 bottle (along with my Blue Cross cuticle remover) and not have to worry about cleaning brushes, etc. I had planned to use the liquid latex for not only practicing stamping and gradients, but also for trying water marbling again, but your post yesterday showed that much easier method, that I will soon try! :)

  2. I use hair glue too! Man has it made me want to do my nails more now that there is less cleanup! :)

  3. Ohmigod! This is nuts!!! And here I was thinking about buying some hair glue the other day and I saw how expensive all these cleanup products were. Thanks for this post and also thank you "lady from Facebook" for this ingenious idea,would try it right away. Any kind of hair bonding glue right? Doesn have to be that brand??