Sunday, 5 May 2013

Trendy Lip Wraps

Today I have really cool lip wraps from Trendy to show you.  I've not tried lip wraps before so all new to me.  I had a girls night in with my lovely friend Frances, after her pedi and the start of a bottle of wine we went into lip wrap mode.  These are the four choices of wraps I have..... hmmm.....which to choose?

Frances went for the pink leopard and I went with the Zebra to show you the contrast. 

Cut the lip size required from the template on the back of the wrap, place to your lip and dab water onto the backing while holding the wrap to your lip
And here we have Frances with her beautiful pink leopard print lips......
Frances has full lips, mine are skinny and results were not as good for me, but this is the first time I've applied nail wraps and next time I'll apply very slightly about my natural lip line
My tip is to cut slightly larger than you need as you can always remove the part of the wrap not needed with cleanser and a cotton bud.

That night we drank wine, ate & chatted, Frances' wraps lasted longer than mine and she was being especially careful with them whereas I ploughed away into food & vino!!!

Lots of giggles were had and the lip wraps are surprisingly effective, great for a girls night out/in, hen do, dressing up, you name it!

There are three set of wraps in each pack and cost £4.95.  

Trendy are based in Dublin and offer shipping all over the world - yay!! Head over to Trendy and check out their cool Liquid Gel, NailWraps, Lip Wraps and super Offers. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook & You Tube.

This product was sent to me for my honest review. Lots of laughs were had, they last a good few hours and the least you do with your lips the longer they last.  Great designs available and good value for money.  I'm really pleased I tried them out and can't wait to give the other two sets a try.

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