Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tmart 12 Colors Fimo Flower with Diamond Nail Art Decoration

Hi everyone!  I have pretty nail decorations to show you today.  They are the 12 Colors Fimo Slice Egg Flower with Diamond Nail Art Decoration from Tmart.  24 beautiful fimo flowers with a diamante in the middle of each one, in 12 different colours (so that's two of each colour, I did the math!!). To the pics......


The fimo flowers come in a handy storage wheel and costs a very affordable £1.63 / $2.46 / €1.93 - bargain!!!

Tmart has lots of amazing items online, they have their own affiliate program and have a reward system called 'Tmart points' awarded for Purchasing, Reviewing, Registering, Subscribing, Compensating and other promotional campaigns. You can also check them out on PinterestTwitter, Facebook, Youtube & Google+.


This product was sent to me for my honest review. Highly recommended, pieces can be used again & again and excellent value for money.


  1. Love these! Will be checking Tmart out for sure :)

  2. checking out Tmart now! Free international shipping is like the deal sealer for me! ^^

    Love your mani! How did you remove the flowers though? They weren't sealed with top coat right?

  3. For the purpose of this mani I used the top coat to stick the flowers to my nails, if I wanted them to be more secure I would use nail glue.

    1. thanks! How about removal?

      Sorry for all the questions! Rather new to 3D nail art stuff

    2. Ask all you like, I don't mind, just apply a small amount of pressure and pull off. As they are glued onto the polish rather than your nail there shouldn't be any damage to your nail.

    3. oh! okay thanks! so remover for the flowers aren't really needed! I see (: