Wednesday, 3 April 2019

NICOLE DIARY - Satin Chrome / Foil Effect Nail Polishes

Hello!  Today's post is about a set of 5 satin chrome, metallic, foil nail polishes from Nicole Diary which I bought from Amazon.  The polishes don't have shades names, the colours are red, light blue, emerald green, light green and gunmetal grey.
The first thing I want to say about this collection is that the brush is wide which I really like. If you have small fingernails you'll probably be able to cover your nail in one swipe.

I applied the polishes over false nails which have a smooth unblemished surface. The polishes dried down to a smooth satin chrome effect which is stunning.
I also applied them to my natural nails after I'd buffed them to give a smooth surface. I found the nail polishes looked better without using any base coat. The polishes weren't as satin smooth as over the false nails but they were just as lovely.
I also applied a glossy top coat to my nails and the effect changed from a satin chrome to a shiny foil effect and also changed the colour of some of the polishes, the effect is still amazing, the top coat makes them look brighter.

 Whichever you prefer you have the option of satin chrome or shiny foil, and I reckon they'll be very good for stamping too!


  1. I wonder how well they stamp?

    1. I haven't tried them for stamping, but I will as I think they'd work well.