Saturday, 10 June 2017

Striped Skittle Mani

Today's mani is using striping tape, which is easily available on Ebay and is inexpensive.  It's a very narrow tape which comes in lots of colours and is usually metallic.  It can be used to decorate your nails or in this instance to create a nail art design where you paint over the tape and then remove it to reveal a different colour underneath.
First of all, I painted my nails in an assortment of colours all from Avon, from thumb to pinky we have Sapphired Up, Emerald City, Daysie, Orange You Crazy & Parfait Pink.  I let my nails dry for a good few hours before applying the tape.
I applied 3 strips to my nails
And then painted over the top with Avon Charcoal Smoke.  
I immediately removed the tape with tweezers and removed them in the reverse order that I applied them on. This is because the tape is layered on top of itself, you need to remove the last one you applied first to prevent pulling on the others. I removed the tape from the top of my nail down to the base. I also did one nail at a time as you don't want the top nail polish to dry as it will drag when you remove the tape.
I let the top colour dry a little before applying a top coat to prevent smearing. 
I've received confirmation directly from Avon UK that all Avon's nail polishes are 5-Free (free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor).

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