Saturday, 3 June 2017

Avon Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Olive-It with nail gems

What a lovely sunny Saturday morning it is, I hope it's a lovely sunny weekend for all of you 🌞
 Today's easy peasy lemon squeezy nail tutorial is applying gems to your nails, and in this sunny weather, they are going to be bling blingtastic!
 There are a plethora of nail gems in various shapes, size & colour, I'm using a mixed coloured wheel of 2mm round gems which are readily available on Ebay for £1 and are flat backed.  The wheel lid has an open section which you turn round to the gems you want to access, a bit like a tub of salt.  I poured out navy, green & turquoise coloured gems onto a piece of paper and used a damp orange stick dipped in water to pick up the gems. 
I painted two coats of Avon Mark Gel Shine Olive-It.  I picked up the gems one at a time and placed on my nails while my top coat was still wet, once they were all in place I gently pressed them down onto the semi set polish.  Don't worry if the nail polish crinkles a little, when you apply your next top coat to seal the gems it will smooth out most of the wrinkles.  Nail glue can be used as a more secure option, but I find for a night out, applying and sealing with top coat is sufficient.
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