Saturday, 7 September 2013

Glitter Babies Working 4 the Weekend!

Hey lacquer lovers, I have another fantabulous Glitter Babies nail polish by Pocket Money Polishes (PMP) to show you!  PMP is a blog and indie polish shop run by Charlie Smith, a British nail fashionista!  Charlie has created the awesome Glitter Babies series and has created 3 collections with the 4th (September Sparkle) being released on 1st September 2013, head on over to PMP to see these spectacular collections!  Here is Working for the Weekend which I put on top of a peach & lilac gradient which I think really makes the glitter 'pop'.  Working for the Weekend has green, blue & yellow hex particles with larger mauve hex particles - awesome! the pics!!!
 Head on over to Pocket Money Polishes where you can purchase the spectacular Glitter Babies polishes for £4 for a 5ml bottle and P&P starting from £1.50.  You can also keep up to date with PMP on FacebookBlogPinterestTwitter.

 Keep an eye out for the Pock Money Polishes USA Pop Up Store coming soon.

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