Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Creative Ten 3D Nail Gems Silver & Cream Flowers

Hello my lovelies in nail wonderland!  It's the end of the summer and soon the flowers will start to fade, but fear not!  With Creative Ten you can create the most amazing manis and keep flowers on show with these 3D Silver & Cream Flowers.  They come in a pack of ten and have a sparkly gem in the middle of each one.  To the pics........
Bundle Monster Plate BM-314

The 3D Silver & Cream Flowers come in a pack of ten and cost £2.79.  Apply to your nail with nail glue.

Here's a little info about Creative Ten by Rebecca Orme, Founder of Creative Ten Nail Art

"Creative Ten was born in 2002 out of my passion for nail art - and for nail art products that just couldn't be found in the UK at that time - good quality products that kept their colour, their shine and really lasted.

Nowadays Creative Ten not only imports great nail art products, we help develop innovative new lines too. Our philosophy is consistent - it’s all in the quality, but that doesn’t mean the you are stung on the price!

I hope you enjoy using the products we supply. I have thoroughly tried and tested every item we stock before adding it to our range, so you can order with confidence"

FREE delivery on orders over £35 (before VAT), £3.50 + VAT P&P on orders under £35

You can catch up with Creative Ten on their websiteFacebook & Twitter.

This product was sent to my for my honesty review.  Good quality nail gems which will enhance your mani with a fantastic 'wow' factor!  Highly recommended!