Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tmart 3D Colorful Diamond Nail Art Stickers Decals

Hi everyone, here I am again showing you some lovely nail wraps from Tmart. These fabulous nail wraps have a black base with blue, yellow, green & pink gems on top shaped in a flower design. Each pack contains 16 wraps and you can easily get a full mani & pedi from them if you trim what's not needed from your finger nails for your toe nails.  There is also a large decal for your big toe.  Fabulous!  To the pics......

  The wraps are on a clear piece of plastic so you can match up the correct size to your nail.  Simply peel off, apply, file and you're done!  I start off by anchoring the wrap to the base of my nail and then stretching it to fit the curve of my nail.  Wraps must be applied to clean dry nails in order to stick well, don't even use any cuticle oil or hand cream until after  you've applied the wraps.
 The 3D Colorful Diamond Nail Art Stickers are available here and currently cost £1.61/ $2.51.

Tmart has lots of amazing items online, they have their own affiliate program and have a reward system called 'Tmart points' awarded for Purchasing, Reviewing, Registering, Subscribing, Compensating and other promotional campaigns. You can also check them out on Pinterest,Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Google+.


This product was sent to me for my honest review. They lasted a day before any tip wear, so for an evening out it's a pretty good price for a glitzy mani! And although there was slight tip wear the wraps were still fixed fast to my nails and didn't lift.  

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  1. These look really great!!! Want some :P