Monday, 10 June 2013

Rock Beauty Nail Rockits - Crystals

Hello! I've been sent by the lovely people at Rock Beauty London one of their new Nail Rockits sets.  There are 4 sets in different colours with different embellishments (and I need the other 3 sets!!!).  I'm going to show you the gorgeous pink set.  The set contains a gorgeous 2 way polish (wand & brush), pink velvet (flocking powder) and 3 different shaped gems, hearts, circles & tear drops.

The nail polish is excellent quality and the brush makes painting your nails super easy.  Let your imagination run wild with the numerous designs you can make using a combination of polish, velvet & gems. the pics!!!!

Nommy polish above and below flocked.  You just paint your nails and while they are wet sprinkle the flocking powder on top, gently press down and brush off the residue from your fingers......easy peasy....
 To the bling.......

 A more subtle design.....

   Look at these babies bling!!

The Nail Rockits sets are available at Boots and Top Shop and start at £9.99.

Also available at Beauty Rock London are caviar beads, eye & body tattoos, metallic lip foils, patriotic body wear and so much more!! And they ship INTERNATIONALLY!!

Check out Nail Rock online, Facebook & Twitter.

This product was sent to me for my honest review, the kit has everything you need to bling up your nails as subtle or outrageous as you like and at a more reasonable price than other brands!