Tuesday, 18 June 2013

KKCenterHK Hot Galaxy Diamond Nail Foil

Hi Guys, I have some gorgeous nail foil to show you from KKCenterHk.  The "Hot Galaxy Diamond Nail Foil" I received included a bottle of the appropriate nail glue, however this is optional to buy on the website.  The foil is a lengthy 150cm long and 4cm wide.  Now, onto the pics and then I'll show you how easy they are to apply......

 You can use the nail foil either in full or partially on your nail
 And this is how easy it is to use.  First paint your nails with a base colour, apply your topcoat and wait till they are absolutely dry.  Add the glue to your nails in the design you want or completely cover the nail if you wish for full coverage.  Here I placed the glue randomly on my nail.  Wait for the glue to go transparent, it will be tacky which is what you want.
 Place a portion of the foil onto of the glue area, press down and slightly rub with a hoof stick or similar, gently pull the foil away and there you have it.  It's best to use a top coat to seal the foil however some top coats do make the foil crinkle to it's trial and error to find the right top coat.  I've also used watered down water based clear varnish used for model making which is good but needs time to dry.
The foil comes in a screw cap pot so it's nicely protected and will last for ages especially if you are only using an accent nail to foil.  
 The Hot Galaxy Diamond Nail Foil is a gorgeous holo rainbow from green to yellow to red to magenta - gorgeous!
The foil on it's own is  $7.69/ €6 / £4.77 (you can also buy it with the glue for an additional cost), use my code 'wendysdelights' for a 10% discount! Yay! Click the badge below to be directed to KKCenterHk.


KKCenterHk offer international shipping and you can check them out on TwitterFacebook, Blog, Tumblr, Youtube, Myspace

This product was sent to me for my honest review, a beautiful rainbow foil for you to create many wonderful designs, great product and lots of fun!

N.NAIL Hot Galaxy Diamond Hidden Nail Foil Transfer N.NAIL Hot Galaxy Diamond Hidden Nail Foil Transfer

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  1. These are gorgeous! Think I might need to buy some of these for myself :)