Friday, 26 April 2013

Rebel Nails Inc - The Strand Patterned Nail Art Nail Wraps

Hi everyone! I've received some fabulous nail wraps from Rebel Nails Inc, this design is called The Strand.  Just lately I've tried quite a few different nail wraps and Rebel Nails Inc are deffo one of my faves.  Very easy to apply, peel off and stick on. This set included a separate nail sizing guide which means you can be sure you match up the correct size wrap to your nail.

I cut the wraps down to size while on my nail and then filed down to my tips using quite a rough/sharp nail file at a 45 degree angle. They are very good quality, feel nice to touch and the ends of the nails aren't scratchy or sharp. Amazing results in very little time.

These wraps are currently £7.99 for 16 wraps, and if you have short'ish nails and are frugal like me you can definitely get 2 full manis out of one set.  To the pics.....
 The Strand Wraps are a beautiful turquoise base with a brown filigree design on top

The Strand Wraps are available in this glossy version and also a sparkling version.

Head on over to the Rebel Nails Inc website, they have lots of lovely nail art, lip art, jewellery & shoe art.  The also offer a points reward system and P&P starts at £1 within the UK.   You can also check out Rebel Nails Inc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest.

Rebel Nails Inc sent the nail wraps to me for my honest review and I can honestly say they are very good quality, easy to use and fun nails wraps. 


  1. I'm going to take a look. Thanks for the review. The blue color with the contrast brown is very nice.

  2. These are really gorgeous, but I always have a horrible time trying to use products like these :/

  3. I've only had bad experiences with nail wraps but these look good! I may have to try them out some day!