Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Beauties Factory UK Pearl Color Rhinestones

Hello lovely lacquer ladies!  I've received a wonder nail art wheel full of gorgeous coloured pearls from Beauties Factory UK.  The Pearl Color Rhinestones wheel has 12 compartments and 9 different colours of white, pale green, pale blue, red, green, dark pink, light pink turquoise & silver.  The base of the pearls are flat which make them super easy to glue/fix to your nail.

I used four of the colours, white, pale green, pale blue & turquoise, with one colour on each nail and the middle finger having one of each colour.

My mani reminds me of pearls and a blue lagoon!  Oh how I wish I was there!!!!

To the pics.....

The pearls are 3mm in size and you can buy them from Beauties Factory UK for £3.49.

Beauties Factory UK is based in Darlington, Co Durham, if you are passing by why not drop into their shop and check out their entire range of beauty products which includes make up, cosmetic accessories nail art products, false eyelashes, creams, serums and hair products. You can also order online with P&P starting at £2.99 (international shipping also available!!) and check our their Facebook page too!

Simbirsk Technologies Ltd

This item was sent to me for my honest review, I've really enjoyed using them, they are cute, excellent value for money, easy to use and you can make loads of elegant manis from this set.


  1. Lovely nails Wendy, loving the pearl rhinestones. How careful do you have to be when wearing something like they knock off easily? x

    1. Thank you Lainey, I find nail glue fixes them to your nails better than nail polish. Once you've allowed the nail glue to set/dry they are fixed on pretty well. Obviously be careful, you can't do the gardening with them, but they are pretty resilient. Nail Glue is the answer.

  2. Love these, the pearls are so cute <3

  3. I hadnt thought of using glue - what a great idea. Will have a look at the link, liking the pearls but there may be something else to catch my fance too :) xx