Monday, 1 April 2013

Nails Inc Monument & more!

I have my first 'sand/matt sugar' polish from Nails Inc which they call 'concrete' effect, in a bonkers bright yellow shade called Monument.

I read on another blog (I wish I could remember which one so I can give credit to them!) about creating more sand effect manis in different colours by using just the one sand polish as a base and adding any other standing polish on top.  So rather than spending oodles of money on lots of different sand colours, just add an ordinary polish on top of your sand effect polish and bingo!

I must admit it did take a while (probably a good hour) for the top colour polish to settle into the sand effect polish bet deffo worth a the pics......
 Nails Inc Monument

 Topped with standard polish, leaving the ring finger as is so you can compare.  Why buy lots of different colour sand effect polishes when you can create your own from just one as a base!
 OK, so the thumb is a bit patchy but you get the idea.

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