Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rebel Nails Inc - Nail Wraps

Hello!  I've received from Rebel Nails Inc some gorgeous Nail Wraps to review.  I've only tried nail wraps once before and the results weren't that great and it put me off a tad.  But never fear, Rebel Nails Inc is here!  The nails wraps are soooooo easy to apply, peel off and stick on.  The wraps on are on a clear plastic sheet so you can easily decide which size wrap is right for each nail by placing the sheet over the top of your nail, see pic below.

I cut the wraps down to size while on my nail and then filed down to size using quite a rough/sharp nail file at a 45 degree angle.  They are very good quality, feel nice to touch and the ends of the nails aren't scratchy or sharp.  Amazing results in very little time, and they survived a bath too!

Now this is the good part....Rebel Nails Inc has a flash sale until 4th March 2013 and they have LOADS of gorgeous wraps from £1....yep £1.  You'll be crazy bonkers not to take up this fab offer, I'm getting my order ready!  To the pics!

The Rebel Nails Inc sent me the nail wraps for my honest review and I can honestly say they are good quality, easy to use and fun nails wraps.  Why not give them a try with their £1 special offer on some wraps.

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  1. These wraps look so good on!! I've only ever tried one from the pound shop! x