Monday, 18 March 2013

Invogue Parakeet Feathers (Possible Dupe of Nails Inc Chester Feathers)

If you like feather effect polishes I hope you are going to like this!  Nails Inc have released their feather effect polishes retailing at £11 a pop.  Invogue Feather Effect Nails Polishes from Superdrug appear very similar retailing at £3.49!!  No brainer in my opinion.  Invogue have 4 different feather shades, but when I went to Superdrug they only had one bottle of Parakeet so I grabbed it and clung onto it for dear life.  I've not tried the Nails Inc Feather polishes so can't compare coverage, but for looks they are very similar.  I think these are going to be hugely popular.

To the pics (4 coats no base colour)


So what do you think of this gorgeous polish?

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