Friday, 15 March 2013

OMG Nail Wraps - Free shipping worldwide!!

Hello Nail Lovelies!  I'm really into nail wraps at the moment and I've been sent 2 packs of OMG Nail Wraps for review!!  OMG has two types of nail wraps - nail polish strips & nail foil strips and I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of each type.  Thank you OMG!!!

The wraps are super easy to use, peel, stick, trim, file, you're done! Both hands look great (my right hand always looks rubbish polished!), and I've also got a tear in one of my nails, but these wraps hold the tear together!! Yippee!!

Onto the pics......

First up, the Nail Polish Strips - White Floral Pattern Nail Polish Strip (multicolored)  $4.29 / £2.84 / €3.28

Spring & Summer is just around the corner and these nail wraps are perfect for getting you in the summer mood! How cute are these wraps!!!

Next up Nail Foil Strips - Blue Bubbles Nail Foil Strips $4.29 / £2.84 / €3.28

I love the foil effect, I found them hard to photograph due to the camera flash, but take my word for it they are F.A.B.!!

Head over to OMG Nail Wraps ASAP!!!  You can also check them out of Facebook too!

OMG Nail Wraps sent the nail wraps to me for my honest review.  They offer amazing value, FREE worldwide shipping and tons of great designs from floral, animal print, foil effect, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, & more!  Go on, give them a go!!


  1. The flowered ones are very pretty. I always have a horrible time applying these.

  2. Soo cute! love the floral one x