Saturday, 1 April 2017

Crystal Glass Nail & Pedicure files from Aveniro

Aveniro Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesale and retail export supplier of glass nail files and is located in the Czech Republic.  They offer a vast range of nail file products in various sizes, designs and finishes.  Aveniro have sent me a small (9cm) & medium (13.5cm) pointed glass nail files & a foot file for review.
 The small nail file is the perfect hand bag size, while the medium file can be kept at home.  Both have duo textures, one side is finer than the other.  The ends are painted in an orange and apricot gradient.
 The foot file is also DUO textured. The coarser side is meant to remove calloused hard skin and the smoother side serves to gently smooth and neaten.  I used the coarse side of the foot file on the heels and ball of my foot, the dead skin was effortlessly removed without any pain or irritation.  I used the smooth side on my toes and toe nails.  Followed by applying foot lotion my feet look in better condition.
 Above: Coarse side
Below: Smooth side
  You can keep up to date with Aveniro on Facebook and they also have a wholesale website here.
Here are some images from the Averniro website to show you the designs they offer.

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