Saturday, 22 April 2017

Basic French Tip Nails

Classic French Tips have a nude or pale pink base with a white tip, but you can play on that and mix and match your base & tips in any way you fancy. If your current mani is getting tired but you don't want to remove it, what better way to revive an old mani by adding contrasting coloured tips.
Here's my mani and how I did it:
A professional manicurist will paint the white tips with a brush, however, I prefer using some sort of guide and in this case I raided my mum's craft box and found these circular stickers - perfect!
You can also use ring binder reinforcements, masking tape, sticky tape etc. Just make sure your base colour has a top coat is completely dry, otherwise, your base colour can get pulled off when you remove the sticker.Always apply a top coat to your base colour, that way if you do make a mistake with your tip you can wipe it off with a little nail polish remover without damaging the base colour. 
Apply the sticker, paint your contrast colour and remove the sticker immediately. Do one finger at a time, if you allow the tip to dry with the sticker still on your nail you could pull/smudge the tip.
For the pointed curve on my thumb and middle finger I used two stickers - simples!
The nail enamels used are Avon Gel Shine Nudeitude for the base and Avon Mark Gel Shine Lavender Sky for the tips.

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