Saturday, 26 September 2015

Knitted Effect Nail Foil from Charlies Nail Art

An argyle pattern is made of diamonds and most layouts contain layers of overlapping motifs, adding a sense of three-dimensionality, movement, and texture. Typically, there is an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds.  The argyle pattern is derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland.  Argyle knitwear became fashionable in Great Britain and then the USA after the first world war.  And now you can wear an argyle knittered pattern on your nails with clever Knitted Effect nail foil from Charlies Nail Art.
It's a full coverage foil with cream, burgundy and red knitted stocking stitch argyle pattern.  The two manis I've created look quite similar but if you take a close look you'll see the stitches run in different directions.
If you've not tried nail foils before they are a doddle to use.  Apply a special nail foil adhesive over your mani and wait for the glue to become transparent.  Then place the foil on top of your nail and gently rub with your finger, hoof stick or cotton bud and in seconds the design is transferred to your nail.  Apply top coat to seal and you're done!
To the pics!!!!
The Knitted Effect Nail Foil currently cost £0.39 and will easily cover 10 nails.  Available at Charlies Nail Art who have an huge range of nail art items.

You can also keep up with all the latest Charlies Nail Art info on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+ & LinkedIn.  Charlies Nail Art is a UK based company and ships worldwide. UK postage starts from £1.75 and is FREE on UK orders over £30.

This product was sent to my for my honest review, have fun with your nails!

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