Monday, 14 September 2015

5 Piece Gold Tone with Clear Jems Ring Set from Lady Queen

To show off your manis how about decorating your fingers with gorgeous knuckle rings.  This set of 5 gold tone rings are from Lady Queen.  Each ring is a different design and they compliment each other wonderfully, four of the rings are embellished with clear gem stones.  My hands are on the largish side and so the rings only go passed my first finger joint.  If you have small fingers you'll obviously be able to wear them further down your finger.  It's a great look to decorate the whole of your finger with rings and not just the base.  Whether you want to wear one or all of them, they are all cute and a bit of fun.
To the pics!!!!
 The 5 piece ring set currently cost $3.38 / £2.17 / €2.77.   You can also use my 15% discount code AELC15 which gets you 15% off full priced items! 
Check out the Lady Queen website for loads of cool nail art goodies and take a look at the FLASH SALE tab for great bargains!


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