Wednesday, 28 August 2013

YRNails Heart Buttons Full Wrap Water Decals

How dee doo dare peeps!  I have some more fab-u-lous full wrap water decals to show you from YRNails and this set is called Heart Buttons.  From a distance it looks like you have dotty nails, well they are to a certain extent, but the dots are actually contrasting blue circles with a wee heart indisde them.....awwww.... I love hearts!  With these decals I gave them a very thin coat of clear polish before I submersed them in water, I find it seals the the print, but hey that's just the way I roll! 
To the pics....
 They are soooooo cute!  Really pretty, and if you're a lover of blue you are gonna love these!

If you've not tried water decals before and always wanted to have a go, click here for a mini tutorial on how to apply them.

These Heart Buttons Full Wrap Water Decals are currently £1.50, head on over to YRNails and check out all their other fabulous water decals!

Here's a bit more info about purchasing from YRNails, shipping rates are fixed which makes them really easy to understand.

UNDER £10 order - £1.50 fee applies - 1st class
OVER £10 order - Free 1st class postage
INTERNATIONAL shipping included in the above rates, no extra costs to our friends from overseas !

There is no minimum order amount at "". It doesn't matter whether you need just one pack of artificial nails or nail art stickers; you buy only what you need.  You can follow YRNails on FacebookTwitterPinterest & You Tube.

Sign up for their monthly newsletter and like YRNails on Facebook and get 15% off your purchase and their fans receive exclusive discounts and offers ongoing!!! Woohooo - what are you waiting for!

This product was sent to me for my honest review, super cool water decal wraps, fantastic design!


  1. Oh those are cute. I like them a lot, I will go and check their page out :-)