Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Llama Nails A-Z Challenge - F is for Foil Fail

The A-Z challenge is hosted by Llama Nails on Facebook. Llama Nails is a group of nail enthusiasts that share their love of polish, stamping and nail art in a fun, creative, and non-dramatic atmosphere. Join them! All are welcome! The only rule we have is no drama, save it for the llama!

This week is F, I was going to do feathers but it all went horrible wrong, so I remembered a post I read by My Lucid Bubble about a topcoat that works with foils, check out the post it really inspired me to give this a go.  The idea is that you use a water based varnish like a top coat to stop the foil from crinkling/rippling.  I couldn't get the water based varnish mentioned in My Lucid Bubble's blog as it's from the USA and I'm in the UK, so I Googled water based varnishes and found Humbrol and got it for a couple of quid from Ebay.

I'm sure this could have worked better if I'd taken more time over it, but as per usual I'm too impatient and rushed it.  

Was it because I used a different Varnish?  Was it because I rushed it?  Is it because I'm just plain crap at it?  What ever it is I will deffo give this another go and take more time over it, and I'll even see if I can buy the varnish from the USA as I do love the effect of the foil.

How long will this mani last?  Probably to the end of me typing this!

Here's a photo of my little girl Blitz to make up for it, love her!

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  1. Oh wow they look amazing, The effect is incredible and awww your cat is so cuteee!

    Jazz x

  2. The effect is great, I love it!

  3. I've always wanted to try foils, this one looks gorgeous on you!