Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NOTD - Nails Inc Old Bond Street (the gold one!)

I've just acquired Nails Inc Old Bond Street from a swap page on Facebook, althought I actually bought it rather than as a swap.  Anyhoo, as you may or may not know Nails Inc mainly name their polishes after London street names which this is.  However, Nails Inc have 2 polishes both called Old Bond Street, you would have thought there were enough London street names to go round but hey hoo who am I to query such a thing, actually praps I should!  This is the first Old Bond Street, you can tell as the polish is in an old style bottle with the hands around it, the later Old Bond Street is a grey colour with lilac/pink shimmer, I also want this too.  Here are my photo's, gorgeous gold and very sparkly in the sun shine.  So do you have any Nails Inc with the same names but different colours?  Do tell.


  1. This looks kind of similar to the new barry m copper. I hate when brands re-use polish names. Catrice are brutal for doing it!!

  2. The Color looks really lovely against your skin. Such a bright bronze.

    *now following ya*. :-)

  3. The other one is New Bond St hunn, they're both roads in London. xx