Saturday, 7 April 2012

Another Present From My Boss - Nails Inc The Perfect 10

There a been a few change rounds at work recently and my very thoughtful Boss bought me this lovely Nails In The Perfect 10 set.  I love it!  And there are a couple in there I've not heard of and I thought I pretty much knew them all.
From the top clockwise, Elizabeth Street, Devonshire Row (have been after this for yonks!), The Southbank, Picadilly Circus, St Pauls, Muswell Hill (have not heard of this one, where's it been all my life?), Highgate, Angel Court, Brook Street, and Tate in the middle.
 And here's another two recently acquired from swaps, Crown Court and Maddox Street

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  1. You lucky girl, having such a kind boss! I love Crown Court - it's a definite favourite of mine :) x