Thursday, 7 March 2019

NICOLE DIARY - Set of 8 pots of Nail Art Glitter Sequins & Iridescent Flakes

I recently purchased a set of 8 glitters from Nicole Diary on Amazon for nail art.  The set contains 4 pots of sequin glitter in red & blue, fuchsia pink and silver, gold and red, blue & gold, and 4 pots of hexagonal shaped iridescent flakes in lilac, pink, green and purple.  
I tried them using UV Gel nail polishes and regular nail polishes and the worked fine with both.
I've used the glitters for nail art, and the box states they can be used for makeup and beauty and artwork.
Check out my video demonstration at the end of this post.
 Below, using the pink, green and lilac hexagonal iridescent flakes over a blue/green base (Avon Mint To Be).  This is my mermaid mai.
Below, the gold sequin glitter over a peach base (Avon Surebet)
Below, the silver and pink sequin glitter over a grey base (Avon Cast A Shadow)
 8 pots of lovely glitteriness!
My video shows you how I applied the glitter and my finished manis dazzling in the sunshine

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