Sunday, 28 May 2017

Dotty Manis - Doticures

Welcome to the latest instalment of easy peasy nail tutorials, this week it's all about the Dots! A doticure is a mani comprising of dots/spots, let your imagination go crazy with this style, there are no rules.

I have a set of dotting tools which I got from Ebay, easily available for £1.  A set usually comprises of 5 double ended tools with varying sizes of ball shaped ends.  However, you don't need to use special dotting tools, you can use anything from a hair grip, toothpick, orange stick, expired ball point pen, a sewing pin, you get my drift.
Before I apply dots, I always test the polish and dotting tool on a piece of paper to see how workable it is, ie consistency of the polish, how much pressure to apply etc. I always do a bit of a test on paper before applying to my nails. Dab a brush load of the polish onto a piece of paper that you want to dot with.  With your dotting tool, dip into the polish which is on the paper and dot onto your nails.  Sometimes you can get more than one dot from the polish on your tool. Dot quite quickly, ie don't hold the tool onto your nail as it'll dry and smudge.  You might need a bit of practice just to get to grips with how to work with the polish and tool but it is very easy and a fairly fast method.
 Once you've done all the dots, let them dry before applying top coat.  Applying top coat when the dots are wet will cause them to smear.

 Here are the two designs I'm going to show you.

Red & Gold Doticure
Base - Avon True Colour Naked Truth
Dots - Avon Metallic Effects Gold & Avon Nailwear pro+ Grape Goddess
I firstly applied the gold dots along the centre of my nails, then applied the red dots

Blue Doticure
Base - Avon Mark Rain Washed
Dots - All Avon Mark - Just Beachy, So Jelly & Olive-It
I used different sized dotting tools for each colour.  I started off with the largest dotting tool and painted the green dots, then medium in blue, and filled in any gaps with the small in purple 

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I've received confirmation directly from Avon UK that all Avon's nail polishes are 5-Free (free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor).

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  1. I like the blue and purple mani. I love how the dots form that sideswipe swirl pattern.