Monday, 27 February 2017

Nicole Diary Stamping Polishes and Stamping Plate ND106

A square stamping plate from Nicole Diary ND106 is filled with various flower designs, leaves, a bird who has caught a worm and a lace pattern.  I've used the middle of the daisy pattern using the yellow stamping polish over a pink gradient base, and the bird that's caught the worm using the white stamping polish over a red gradient.  
The polishes are from a 13 piece collection at Amazon and the plate is available at Aliexpress.
To the pics..........
You can find Nicole Diary on Amazon & Aliexpress for lots of cool nail art bargains and if you order please quote my coupon code We2016 and you'll receive a small free gift worth $2-$5.
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  1. I love to do nails with stamping, it's easy for us beginners. I'll keep in mind the next time I have with my sister ordered the Aliexpress to use your code.