Monday, 16 January 2017

Avon Colour Attract Magnetic Nail Polish - Rose Flash

This is Avon Colour Attract Magnetic nail polish named Rose Flash, a shimmery copper pink.  The magnets are available to buy separately but I have loads from my previous magnetic polishes. Magnetic polishes are a doddle to create interesting patterns on your nails which look like they've taken forever to do....but they haven't.  Apply the first coat and allow to dry completely, apply a second thick coat, hold the magnet as close to your nail without touching it and the pattern materialises in seconds!  Fascinates me every time!   The second coat followed by the magnet needs to be done one at a time, in other words don't paint all your 2nd coats and then do the magnet, the 2nd coat needs to wet.  And you don't have to use this polish for its magnetic effects, it can be worn as a regular polish.

Below I've used wavy, circular and fishnet magnets.

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