Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Miss Beauty Nail Polish - Pastel Blue - Exclusive to Poundworld

Here's my third review for the Miss Beauty nail polish range exclusive to Poundworld.  Yes that's right Poundworld so you guessed it, it only costs £1.  This one is named 'Pastel Blue' however I would describe the shade as lilac.  Gorgeous pastel polish, and as per the previous Miss Beauty nail polishes I've tried it applied very well, nicely pigmented, good enough brush and and decent size 12ml bottle.  If you're on a budget or just don't want to pay over the top prices for nail polish I highly recommend this brand from the 3 polishes I've tried and I've got more to come.  Next time you're in Poundworld check out the Miss Beauty cosmetics stand and be prepared to drool over the generous nail polish range.
Miss Beauty Nail Polish is manufactured in the UK, are 5-Free, Vegan friendly and not tested on animals - yay!
To the pics......
Here's the Miss Beauty cosmetics stand in one of my local Poundworld stores

 3 of the 5 rows of nail polishes, excellent range of colours and finishes
 More Ooooooo - I want them all!!!
Miss Beauty Nail Polish is £1 (obviously!) for a 12ml bottle, available in lots of different colours and finishes.

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This product was sent to my for my honest review, and I suggest you go grab yourself some Miss Beauty nail polishes at a £1 a pop you can't go wrong!

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