Saturday, 16 April 2016

MoYou Nails Stamping Plate 401 & MoYou Nails Stamping Polishes

So I've done a little experiment stamping with MoYou Nails plate 401.  Using the same image throughout (middle row second from left) I used a mauve chrome base (Models Own Chrome Mauve) and stamped with a crème sky blue (MoYou Nails Light Blue Stamping Polish).  Then my second mani I reversed it, a crème sky blue base (Nails Inc Little George Street) stamped with a mauve shimmer (MoYou Nails Majestic Violet Stamping Polish).  I wanted to see by using the same colours in reverse if it made any difference, does that make sense?  I know what I mean!
Ok, lets run through the pics and hopefully all will become clear, first up the plate from MoYou Nails, plate 401.

All pics to the left - Mauve chrome base stamped with MoYou Nails Light Blue Stamping Polish
All pics to the right - sky blue base stamped with MoYou Nails Majestic Violet Stamping Polish
In the photos I love the way the mani on the left has the mauve glistening through the blue stamping but in real life I prefer the blue base with the mauve shimmer stamping as the blue base really comes through clearly

Would you be able to tell there was a difference?

I used MoYou Nails Clear Jelly Stamper
The clear jelly stamper costs £6.99.
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