Thursday, 5 November 2015

Born Pretty Store Liquid Peel Off Tape

Born Pretty Store now have a range of Peel Off Liquid Tapes which aid the clean up process if you're stamping, sponging or water marbling.  Not only does it save you time and nail polish remover, the Born Pretty Store range is so much cheaper than the branded products.  The liquid peel off tape I'm using is white and comes in a 15ml bottle with a brush.  Very easy to apply and remove, I'm really looking forward to creating manis with dark stamping or dark sponging and I won't need to worry about staining my cuticles - hooray!! Check out my video demonstration below.
To the pics!!!!
Left - paint the liquid tape around your nail and allow it to dry for a few minutes
Right - apply your stamping, sponging or water marbling
The excess polish goes on top of the dried liquid tape rather than your skin.
Below - Using tweezers gently peel away the tape at the top of your finger, it will pull away from your skin effortlessly leaving minimal clean up
 For my mani I used Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-L 003
 The 15ml White Peel off Liquid Tape currently costs $2.99 / £1.95 / €2.73.   You can also use my 10% discount code HXBQ10 which gets you 10% off full priced items. Check out the Born Pretty Store  website for loads of cool nail art goodies.


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