Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Born Pretty Store 'Stars' Nail Stencils

I have some more Nail Vinyl Stencils to share with you from Born Pretty Store.  They come in a pack of 12 stencils, 6 stencils in 2 designs and there are  and there are 6 different sets to choose from.  This is set NK-04 which are stars or crosses and dots.  I used a lilac base with contrasting silver polish. You place the stencils sticky side down onto your dry nail, paint with your contrasting polish and immediately remove the stencil.  When I've used Born Pretty Store's stencils before I've used them vertically, this time I used them horizontally and they worked much better.  Leave the contrasting polish to dry before applying top coat to seal.
Check out my video below for a demonstration on how to use the stencils.
To the pics!!!!
 The Nail Vinyl Stencils currently cost $1.99 / £1.30 / €1.81.   You can also use my 10% discount code HXBQ10 which gets you 10% off full priced items. Check out the Born Pretty Store  website for loads of cool nail art goodies.


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