Monday, 16 March 2015

Bohem Nail Jewellery - Gothic Diamond Gold Nail Tip

I have some pretty cool precious metal nail tips to show you from Bohem.  Precious?  Because they are made of real silver (925 sterling silver to be more exact) and are hallmarked, how very posh & decadent!  The tips are so easy to apply with special sticky tabs and you get 12 tabs with each reusable tip.  The adhesive should last up to 3 days, I removed mine after one day so can't confirm the longevity.  You also get a silver polishing cleaning cloth to keep your tip in glorious pristine condition.  
Bohem are UK based, with currently 26 silver tips available on their website starting from £6.50 and also available at Amazon.   They come in different sizes and lengths.
Here's a couple of my manis using a gold tone tip 'Gothic Diamond' which unfortunately is no longer available on their website (I've seen the silver tone on Amazon) however it gives you an idea of the stunning effect.  Quick get the body guards, I feel very special with my precious metal nail tip!
To the Pics!!!!
I used Nails Inc Park West (cream) and Lanesborough Place (gold) with dotting tools and MoYou Nails Plate 122

Bohem are based in the UK and offer international shipping
You can keep up to date with Bohem on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.


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