Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Llama Nails A-Z Challenge - I is for Innisfree

The A-Z challenge is hosted by Llama Nails on Facebook. Llama Nails is a group of nail enthusiasts that share their love of polish, stamping and nail art in a fun, creative, and non-dramatic atmosphere. Join them! All are welcome! The only rule we have is no drama, save it for the llama!

Week 9 is for I and I have chosen Innisfree polishes.  I've seen these a lot on blogs and I love a jelly sammich.  I got them off Ebay and they were a reasonable price for 4 polishes to I caved in.   Only downside is that one of the 'yoghurt' polishes wasn't available so I was sent a replacement which wasn't a glitter polish, but never mind.

First up Number 85, 3 coats.

Number 84, 3 coats

Here's Innisfree 84 on the left and Revlon Whimsical on the right, both 2 coats, Innisfree has a slightly more blue base and more glitter, in my opinion Innisfree is the winner!

Number 81, 2 coats

No 91, an acid yellow with a slight green shimmer running through it which can be seen in the bottle but not on the nails.  This is the replacement and it has a slight fragrance to it.

My fave out of all of them.....number 85.

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  1. Ohhh these are really unusual! Very pretty though :)

    Jazz x