Friday, 25 May 2012

Glossy Box May 2012 - 1st Birthday/Anniversary

Oooo how exciting new Glossy Box, let's get it open and see what's inside.....

 The suspense is killing me.....
 Nice box as usual
 Lovely tissue paper, this is gonna be a good 'un, I can tell
 100% human hair eye lashes!  WTF!! I wouldn't even wear my own hair as lashes let alone hair that once belonged to someone else who was probably paid pennies for it, I can't think of anything more wrong!  FAIL.
 Not a clue what this is, no English wording on it at all, according to the info sheet it's either face cream or body milk.  10ml - woop de doo!

Uniqone All In One Hair Treatment 9ml
 Glossy Box compact mirror 
 Noble Isle bath & shower gel, 75 ml, yep smells nice & fresh
 2 purfume samples - wow Glossy Box you're really spoiling us now!  The first one Si Lolita smells OK, the second one L'Eau en Blanc, more like Blankety Blank, completely disappeared after 15 seconds
And a pink balloon for you to blow up and post a photo of you & it on Glossy Box's website, really?

This must be the worst Glossy Box I've ever had, Glossy Box?  Shoddy Box more like!  Hope you enjoyed yours x 


  1. That's pants generally, never mind the fact its a birthday box! Makes me glad I'm too stingy to subscribe xo

  2. It doesn't look great to be honest. The real human hair lashes are disgusting. Wouldn't even open them. The wrapping paper is really pretty though :P