Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nails Inc Lennox Gardens & Colour Morphing Pigment

Last year I bought 3 different colour morphing pigments to use as top coats.  I purchased the pigments from More Nail Polish and added them to clear nail polish.  The effects are fantastic, very sparkly, blingy, you won't be able to stop looking at your nails!

I'd been wearing Nails Inc Lennox Gardens and getting a bit tired of it so spruced it up with the Gold/Green Pigment.  My photos are a bit naff, as are my nails, but I hope you get the effect and check out the video for the sparkle! 

More Nail Polish also has Spectraflair available too, please check out the blog for inspiration and oodles of lully nail polishes, she's a very clever girl.  Onto the pics & vid.....

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