Sunday, 17 July 2011

July Haul

My July Haul

First up China Glaze White Cap, lovely sheer white with a gorgeous yellow/green tint running through it, looks amazing and can't wait to try it on top of other colours, on sale at Sally's £2.54

Next up China Glaze Peace on Earth which was a swap, photo doesn't do it justice reminds me a bit of Chanel Peridot, so this cost me nothing (hooruh!)

Here they are together....

Bargain of the month these 2 babies were from the 99p shop, look how fab the colours are, 5 ml each

Next up Maybelline Flash Cosmic, it's like a clear with blue flakies through it, again want to try this over darker colours, £1.78 from T J Hughes

And finally this was buy 1 get one free from Claire's so £4.50 for 12 minis, the colours are lovely & shimery and will probably swap one of the sets

So my haul of 17 polishes cost me under a tenner - wooooohooooooo, love a bargain!!


  1. Great haul. I love White Cap and the Maybelline looks so pretty!!

  2. It is Minty, I've got Maybelline Cosmic Flash over black polish and it's amazing!