Friday, 24 June 2011

Kleancolor Haul

I read a post on Facebook by The Polish-Aholic letting us all know that Kleancolor Nail Polish (and others!!) are available at Beauty Joint who ship internationally - woop woop.  I instantly checked this out, next thing I'd ordered 6 polishes that came 8 days later from USA to UK, no bad eh?  Total cost including shipping $22.89 which works out £14.32, that's £2.38 per bottle - amazing!!  And just take a look at the colours......

L-R Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Mango, Metallic Pink, Holo Chrome, Holo Blue, Holo Orange

The first three are like foils and the last three are glitter holos, much more sparkly in the daylight.  Full size bottles, think they are 15ml but can't tell as haven't got my glasses on!

I'm deffo going to be buy from Beauty Joint again and would like to thank The Polish-Aholic for sharing this with us non-US nail polish addicts!!


  1. I love their polishes! I just made an order from Beautyjoint--6 polishes (3 Kleancolor, 3 NYX) for only $15 and thats including shipping and handling! I live in the US so of course prices are different but they do have great prices.

  2. Hi Minty, which colours did you get? Next time I fancy getting the Milani holo's. If you find any internationally posting cheap brands let me know x

  3. I got 3 Chunky Holos (Black, Bluebell, Fuschia) from Kleancolor and then 3 NYXs (2 Dorothy, 1 Turks and Caicos). Its not all for me though, its all for my giveaway, lol. Also, I think Cherry Culture also has similar brands for affordable prices.