Monday, 2 June 2014

Born Pretty Store Cherry Water Decals

Ooooo I do love cherries, especially the big dark juicy ones!  Thing is they can be so expensive, luckily my lovely neighbour has a cherry tree so I can't wait for a punnet of her succulent cherries.  I adore cherries so when I saw these cute Cherry Water Decals from Born Pretty Store I couldn't wait to have them. There are 20 decals of 5 slightly different designs in the pack, I've got one of each on my nails.  Check out my video below.
If you've not tried water decals before, give them a go, simply soak in a little water, remove from the backing paper, apply to your painted nails and seal with top coat - done!
If you like water decals or want to get into water decals more, check out the Facebook group I've just created called Wonderful Water Decals. To the pics!!!!
The Cherry Water Decals currently cost $1.86 / £1.11 / €1.36.   You can also use my 10% discount code HXBQ10 which gets you 10% off full priced items. Check out the Born Pretty Store  website for loads of cool nail art goodies.



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  2. These are gorgeous! I love them so much! Am going to get the decals. Can you please tell me what nail polish you used because it looks perfect with these decals? Thank you! x Lyn W.

    1. Hi Lyn, the nail polish is Nails Inc Holland Park Gardens

    2. Thanks a million Wendy! I'm going to get it, it's such a lovely colour and goes so well with your decals. You have such great nail art ideas on your blog x Lyn W.